The fixed income business invests primarily in sovereign and corporate debt of issuers located in, or tied economically to, emerging market countries. Navigating today’s complex emerging market (EM) bond markets requires a manager with the breadth and depth to cover every sector of the EM fixed income market, combining an experienced team, in-depth fundamental analysis and rigorous risk management capabilities.

We offer customized solutions across the EM fixed income spectrum, allowing clients to explore a focused or dynamic approach. EM fixed income bond markets have historically offered higher yields than developed markets, as the economies of selected EM countries are likely to grow more rapidly than those of developed markets and have an expanding young middle class expected to drive consumption.

We focus on maintaining liquidity in the portfolios to optimize transaction costs, stay nimble and provide the opportunity to adjust portfolio positions as needed.


Several leading international investment firms have established Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) targets to be attained in the medium to long term. There is a desire to increase their asset portfolio allocation into assets that enable them to meet the stated objective. 
Our alternative investment business aims to partner with Global Investment Firms in establishing a pipeline of desirable assets that support the attainment of ESG targets. Our clients are given the opportunity to invest at either the greenfield or brownfield stage in the following industry sectors:

Agri-Business(Organic Farming)

The Arts - Film and Music

Sustainable Real Estate

Renewable Energy




We provide advisory services to our select clients with an unmatched quality of service in the following two areas:

In a remarkably short time span, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles have gained prominence among leading global investment firms. This is a response to pressure from their own investors and industry regulators to incorporate ESG – consciousness into investing mandates to address climate change and achieve sustainable, long-term returns. At Aksum, we view sustainability as transformation that will generate higher investment returns in the medium-to-long-term.
With deep experience across critical issues—including climate change, decarbonization, ethical supply chain, circular economy, DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion), governance, ESG reporting and measurement — Aksum professionals help you create the right blueprint for your ESG journey.
We help leading institutions measure the carbon footprint of their investments in emerging markets and develop an innovative approach that aligns fiduciary responsibility with ESG values.

Our objective is to be an emerging markets leader in raising capital, executing secondary transactions, and providing capital solutions for private investment funds. Our leadership team have been involved in over 60 private capital-raising assignments in their cumulative over fifty-year career. We are building broad high-net worth and institutional investor coverage networks and have cultivated relationships with over twenty-five investing institutions globally.