Our Purpose

The Aksum purpose is to generate business activity for poverty reduction, job creation, and sustainable economic growth in Emerging Markets.

Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles reflect Aksum’s distinctive culture and our aspirations for the future. These will shape our future success and point the way towards sustainable growth.


  • Stimulate intellectual curiosity;

  • Develop our staff in our environment of learning and skill enhancement;

  • Act with conviction informed by in-depth research and analysis;

  • Ensure that our research reports enhance the reputation of the firm as a centre of excellence;

  • Be recognised subject matter experts in carbon emissions reduction and developing a carbon credit market in Emerging Markets.

Business Ethos

  • Live by the highest standards of integrity and humility;
  • Apply our insights and regional perspective for clients;
  • Collaborate to deliver superior service to clients;
  • Integrity and transparency in all business transactions;
  • Innovate constantly and keep up to date with emerging trends;
  • Prudent in the management of funds and investing;
  • Responsibility – Socially responsible and invest in sustainable development.

Client Management

  • Put our clients interest first;

  • Retain client confidence as subject matter experts in business sectors likely to deliver alpha returns;

  • Build and sustain long-term business relationships with clients. 

We Are Crafting A Clear And Effective
Business Model

We provide advisory services to our select clients with an unmatched
quality of service in the following two areas:


We help leading institutions measure the carbon footprint of their investments in Emerging Markets and develop an innovative approach that aligns fiduciary responsibility with ESG values.


We are building broad high-net worth and institutional investor coverage networks and have cultivated relationships with over twenty-five investing institutions globally.

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